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Quicken 2012 All-Inclusive Category List

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2012 supplies categories to, well, categorize your spending. For example, you would probably use the Rent category to categorize all the checks you write to pay rent. The predefined categories list may be just what you want. Then again, it may not.

The Category List
Categories Descriptions
Income Categories
Div Income Dividends earned from stocks you own
Interest Inc Interest income on bank accounts, and so on
Net Salary Your net-of-taxes income from a job
Net Salary Spouse Your spouse’s net-of-taxes income from a job
Other Inc Income that doesn’t fit into another category
Expense Categories
Auto & Transport The big “catchall” category for auto and transportation
Auto Insurance Car insurance premiums
Auto Payment Car loan or lease payments
Car Wash Car washes and (maybe) detailing?
Gas & Fuel Gas, diesel, biodiesel, and so on
Parking Parking and hopefully no parking tickets
Public Transportation Bus, subway, elevated and commuter trains, and rickshaws (in
some areas)
Registration Vehicle registration fees
Service & Parts Services and repairs expenses
Tolls Toll charges
Bills & Utilities The big general category for regular bills and utilities
Credit Card Payment Amounts paid on your credit card when you’re not tracking this
stuff in granular detail
Home Phone Land line phone
Internet Internet service provider
Mobile Phone Cell phone (and text messaging?)
Television Cable television
Utilities Water, sewer, electricity, and gas
Cash & ATM Pocket spending via ATM and mad money
Deposit to Savings Not a real spending category, but a shortcut for people who
don’t want to set up a savings account
Education The general category for education
Books & Supplies Books and other school supplies
Student Loan Student loan payments
Tuition Tuition and lab fees
Entertainment Catchall “parent” category for entertainment spending
Amusement Hey, whatever spins your propeller
Arts Catchall “subcategory” for stuff that follows
Movies & DVDs Movie rentals and purchases as well as cinema tickets
Music Music CDs, music downloads, street musician payments
Newspaper & Magazines Periodical subscriptions
Fees & Charges Catchall “parent” category for bank, credit card, and similar
ATM Fee Cash machine charges
Bank Fee Bank fees, penalties, and service charges
Late Fee Late fees charged by vendors
Service Fee Miscellaneous service charges
Trade Commissions Broker commissions
Financial Catchall “parent” category for financial services and
Financial Advisor Investment advisor fees
Life Insurance Life insurance premiums
Food & Dining Another “catchall” parent category
Alcohol & Bars Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about this
Coffee Shops Caffeine expenditures
Fast Food What you should eat less of
Groceries What you should eat more of
Restaurants Restaurant charges, including gratuities
Gifts & Donations The giving “parent” category
Charity Gifts to nonprofit, religious, and similar organizations
Gift Usually for gifts to family members and friends
Health & Fitness The parent category for all your medical and fitness related
Dentist Dentistry expenses
Doctor Physician’s fees
Eyecare Optometrist fees, eyeglasses, contacts, and similar items
Gym Fitness club and gym expenses and fees
Pharmacy Prescriptions and over-the-counter expenses
Sports Sporting expenses and similar activities
Home Household expenses “parent” category
Furnishings Furniture and accessories
HOA Dues Homeowners association dues
Home Improvement Home repairs and improvements
Home Insurance Homeowners & Renters insurance
Home Services Home cleaning and maintenance services
Home Supplies Home cleaning and maintenance supplies
Lawn & Garden Landscaping-type expenses
Mortgage & Rent Mortgage principal payments (for people not tracking mortgage
loan balances) and rent payments
Mortgage Interest Interest component of a home mortgage payment
Interest Exp Interest expense on personal lines of credit and other
non-mortgage debts
IRA Contribution Individual retirement account contribution
Kids Catchall “parent” category for Kids-related subcategories
Allowance Kids’ allowance money
Baby Supplies Diapers, and so forth
Babysitter & Daycare Costs of childcare
Kids Activities Little League, dance classes, Karate summer camp, and so
Toys Toys, games, computer games
Misc. Stuff you can’t categorize someplace else
Not Sure Stuff you can’t categorize someplace else and yet oddly feel
uncomfortable putting into the Misc. category
Personal Care The catchall “parent” category for the personal care
Hair Haircuts, colorings, extensions, weaves, and other
Laundry Dry cleaning and other laundry services
Spa & Massage Spa treatments, massage therapy
Pets The catchall “parent” category for pet-related expenses
Pet Food & Supplies What you feed Rover and Twinkle the cat
Pet Grooming Dog shampoos, cat shampoos, nail clippings
Vet Veterinarian bills
Shopping The catchall “shopping” category
Books My personal weakness
Clothing Work and casual clothing, including shoes
Electronics & Software Electronics (including computer) gear and software
Hobbies Hobby and craft expenses and activity costs
Sporting Goods Sporting and recreational equipment
Tax Personal tax expenses “parent” category
Property Real estate and personal property taxes
Travel Personal travel expenses
Air Travel Airplane tickets
Hotel Hotel and other lodging charges
Rental Car & Taxi Rental cars, taxis, and similar costs (including airport
Vacation Personal and family vacation expenses