How to Use Quicken 2010 Charts - dummies

How to Use Quicken 2010 Charts

By Stephen L. Nelson

Charts — or data graphics, as the snobs and academics call them — open up wonderful opportunities for communicating. And Quicken charts are really easy to use.

In fact, many times, Quicken automatically adds a small chart to a report window, like in this figure.


You can also display just a chart, however. Produce just a Quicken chart:

  1. In Quicken, click the All Reports & Graphs button, then select Reports & Graphs Center from the pop-up menu that appears.

    The Reports & Graphs window opens.

  2. Select the EasyAnswer command in the Reports & Graphs window, then select the report you want and click the Show Graph button.

    That’s it. Easy as rolling off a log.

Not all reports provide data that can be plotted in a graph. Accordingly, you won’t see a Show Graph button in every report window.

This figure shows a picture of a bar graph of income and expense figures.


If you don’t understand where a portion of a chart came from, point to it with the mouse. When you point to numbers, Quicken changes the mouse pointer to a magnifying glass marked with a plus sign (+). Double-click the mouse to make Quicken display a list of all the transactions that make up that portion. This feature, formerly known as QuickZoom, is extremely handy for understanding the figures that appear on your charts.