How to Troubleshoot Problems with Quicken 2010 - dummies

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Quicken 2010

By Stephen L. Nelson

You probably want more than specific, step-by-step information about how to use Quicken. You may also want troubleshooting techniques and tactics that you can use to solve the inevitable problems you encounter while using Quicken in real-life settings:

  • Use the Quicken Help File. You may be thinking that you have some problem that you can’t solve by using Help, and it’s either a bug or some glaring error in the Quicken documentation. Maybe you’re right. But maybe you just don’t know enough about Quicken to know what to do. People simply experience a mechanical problem, and they can’t make the program work because they haven’t used Quicken enough to figure out how it works.

    To find information in the Quicken Help file, choose Help→Quicken Help to display the Help window, click the Search Quicken Help tab, and then enter the word or phrase that you want to look up.

  • Visit the Quicken product support Web site. This Web site supplies a rich database of troubleshooting information. Select the version of Quicken you’re using. After you click your version, a Web page appears that lists common categories of problems or questions. You select a category, and you’re on your way. The product support Web site then displays a list of troubleshooting articles that may help you solve your problem.

    You can also contact Intuit directly from this Web site. Just click the Contact Us button and, in the page that appears, specify your product and version, as well as how you’d like to be helped (through e-mail, online chat, or phone).

  • Check the Microsoft or the hardware vendor product support Web Site. Your problem may not be a problem with Quicken at all, but rather a problem with your computer and its hardware, or with Microsoft Windows. If your problem stems from the hardware or the operating system, you can consult the hardware or software maker’s product support Web site for troubleshooting information. The Microsoft product support Web site is phenomenally rich in information. You can usually find the hardware maker product support Web site easily by using a good Internet search engine, such as Google.

  • Install and use antivirus software. If you can’t solve a problem, have Internet access, and have been downloading files or accepting e-mail messages that include attachments from strangers, your computer may have a virus. And it may be that your Quicken problems (particularly Quicken problems that you can’t solve in other ways) stem from the virus.

    Consider an antivirus program, such as Norton AntiVirus or McAfee VirusScan, just another part of the price of Internet connectivity.

  • Ask your accountant. If you use a CPA to prepare your federal and state income taxes, you can probably get a quick (and perhaps free) answer from him or her. CPAs have spent years working with accounting systems. Commonly, the problems people have with Quicken aren’t technical software problems but accounting or bookkeeping conundrums.