How to Set Up a Cash Account in Quicken 2010 - dummies

How to Set Up a Cash Account in Quicken 2010

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2010 can help you track petty cash in your business, as well as the petty cash in your wallet, by using a special cash account. To track the cash, you must set up a cash account in Quicken 2010 and then enter the increases and decreases into the cash account’s register. Setting up a cash account is simple.

1Click the Add Account button (which appears in the lower-left of the screen). If you don't see the Add Account button, choose View, Account Bar, and then Show.

Quicken displays the Quicken Account Setup dialog box.

2Select the Cash radio button and click Next.

Quicken asks you to name your new account.

3Enter a name in the text box and click Next.

For example, you can enter the name Cash or Pocket Money.

4Enter a starting date in the Date to Start Tracking text box.

Unless you have a reason not to, go ahead and enter the current date to avoid confusion.

5Type starting balance in the Amount of Cash You Have text box.

Don’t include a dollar sign, but do add a decimal point for any cents.

6Click Next.

Quicken displays a message that the account setup is complete.

7Click Done.

Quicken displays the new cash account in a register window.