How to Schedule Transactions in Quicken 2012 - dummies

How to Schedule Transactions in Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2012 allows you to automatically schedule the adding of transactions. To create these scheduled transactions, you choose Tools→Manage Bill & Income Reminders. Quicken displays the Bill and Income Reminders window.


To create a scheduled transaction, click the Create New button and select the Bill Reminder, Income Reminder, or Transfer Reminder command. After you choose the transaction you want to schedule, Quicken displays a dialog box (not shown) that you use to describe an automatically scheduled transaction.

Note that you can automatically schedule any kind of transaction — loan payments, insurance premiums, child support, or whatever. Income and transfer reminders work very, very similarly to bill reminders.

The Create New menu’s Scheduled Transaction Group command deserves a bit more discussion, though, so let me briefly touch on that subject. If you choose Scheduled Transaction Group from the menu Quicken displays when you click the Create New button, Quicken displays the Create Transaction Group dialog box.


A scheduled transaction group is a collection of transactions that you schedule together — such as all the bills you need to pay on the first of the month or out of your second paycheck.

To create a scheduled transaction group, use the Create Transaction Group dialog box to name the group, pick the account from which you’ll use funds, and then provide payment date and frequency information.

The Create Transaction Group dialog box provides a list of memorized transactions that you can use to indicate which transactions belong in the group. Check the box for each transaction you want to add.