How to Preview a Quicken 2012 Report - dummies

How to Preview a Quicken 2012 Report

By Stephen L. Nelson

To find out what type of information a report includes before you create the report or to preview a report, choose Reports→Reports & Graphs Center. The transactions you enter in the transaction list window or a transaction form and the checks you enter in the Write Checks window determine the information in a report.


From the Reports And Graphs window, select a report group by clicking a topic on the left side, and then select the report with the report group that you want to create. (The Spending report group is selected and therefore shown. Within the Spending report group, the Spending By Category report is selected and therefore shown.)

You can change the report date or date range by using the box(es) provided. Click the Show Report button to create the report. If you don’t enter a new range of dates, Quicken assumes that you want to include transactions from the start of the current calendar year through the present date.

Reports that show account balances — such as the Account Balances report, the Net Worth report, the Balance Sheet report, or the Portfolio Value report — don’t need a range of dates because these reports show account balances as of a specific date. In these cases, if you don’t enter a date, Quicken assumes that you want account balances for the current system date from your computer’s internal clock.

You can’t see the entire on-screen version of a report unless your report is very small (or your screen is monstrously large). Press the PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll up and down and use Tab and Shift+Tab to move right and left. Or if you’re a mouse lover, you can click and drag various pieces of the scroll bars.