How to Postpone Reconciling a Quicken 2012 Credit Card Account - dummies

How to Postpone Reconciling a Quicken 2012 Credit Card Account

By Stephen L. Nelson

You can postpone reconciling a credit card account in Quicken 2012 by clicking the Finish Later button on the Reconcile screen. When you click this button, you abandon your reconciliation work. Transactions that you mark as cleared still show the c in the Clr text box. You still have an inexplicable difference between the credit card statement and your register.

Even so, postponing a reconciliation is usually better than forcing the cleared balance to equal the credit card statement balance. By postponing a reconciliation, you can hopefully find the problem or problems and fix them. Then you can restart the reconciliation and finish your work. (You restart a credit card reconciliation in the same way that you originally start one.)

When you finish, Quicken redisplays the Transactions tab. You may notice that when you mark credit card transactions as cleared, Quicken puts a c in the Clr column of the credit card register. When you finish reconciling the credit card account, Quicken changes all these cs to Rs.

None of what Quicken does here is magical. Quicken just makes this change to identify the transactions that have already been through the reconciliation process. (The c shows that a transaction has been marked as cleared. The R shows that a transaction has been reconciled.)