How to Pay Credit Card Bills with Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you’re tracking the credit card account balance with a credit card account, Quicken 2012 provides two ways for you to pay a credit card bill.

Note: If you’re not using a credit card account in Quicken, you record the check you send to pay a credit card bill in the same way you record any other check.

A most bodacious way to pay a credit card bill in Quicken 2012

This method is pretty simple, so don’t blink your eyes because you may miss the action.

Look at your credit card statement. Decide how much you want to pay. Select the bank account on which you’ll write the check. Then write the check and record it in the bank account register — but as a transfer to the credit card account.

You’re done. If you have questions, take a peek at the selected check transaction shown here.


It pays $30.57 of the credit card balance. The only trick — if you want to call it that — is that the credit card account is specified as the account to which the money is transferred. (You can see the other account by right-clicking the transaction and choosing Go To Transfer, or you can click on the other account’s QuickTab, of course.)

If you could look at the credit card account register now, you would see that this check reduces the credit card balance by $30.57.

A less bodacious way to pay a credit card bill in Quicken 2012

You can also tell Quicken that you want to pay some portion of the credit card bill as part of reconciling the credit card’s account balance. What will happen is that after you reconcile the credit card account, Quicken will (or may) ask whether you want to make a payment. If you say you do, Quicken prompts you to describe the payment.

This method is slightly more difficult. But if you want to reconcile your credit card account, think about using this second method. If you’re reconciling a credit card statement and paying some portion of the credit card balance at the same time, you may find this method more convenient. Who knows?