How to Install Quicken 2010 on Your Computer - dummies

How to Install Quicken 2010 on Your Computer

By Stephen L. Nelson

You install Quicken the same way that you install any program in Windows, and the set up process is simple. If you need help installing and setting up Quicken on your computer, look no further.

  1. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

    In a short amount of time, Quicken should display the Quicken 2010 installation window. The window reads Welcome.

  2. Click Next.

    Quicken then displays a window with the license agreement.

  3. Click the button to show that you accept the Quicken license agreement and click Next.

    Otherwise, you can’t go any further in the installation process.

  4. Select where you want to install Quicken and click Next.

    Simply accept the installation’s program suggestion. (The installation program suggests a Quicken subfolder in your Program Files folder.)

  5. Click the button to allow this installation to uninstall the previous version of Quicken, then click Next.

    Of course, you’re asked this question only if you have a previous version of Quicken installed on your computer.

  6. Answer any other questions the window asks (and click Next after each answer).

    You may also be asked whether it’s okay with you if Quicken gets any program updates and if you’re okay with the Quicken program sending Intuit information about how you use Quicken.

  7. Click the Install button when you answer the last question.

    Quicken installs itself. This process takes a few minutes. Along the way, you see several other screenfuls of messages, including marketing information about the features new to Quicken and some progress reports on the installation itself.

    After the installation is complete, Quicken displays an installation complete message.

  8. Click Done.

    Quicken is now installed on your computer!