How to Finish Setup If You’ve Not Used Quicken Before

By Stephen L. Nelson

To finish up the setup process when you’ve not used Quicken before, the setup program displays a friendly welcome message, which asks you to indicate whether you’re a new Quicken 2012 user (or someone who wants to start over from scratch as if you’re a new user) or if you’re already a Quicken user and need to open a file from a previous version of Quicken.

You indicate your Quicken status by selecting the appropriate option button and then clicking the big, blue Get Started button. What happens next depends on which button you click.

Already a Quicken user?

If you’ve used Quicken before and select the I Am Already A Quicken User option, Quicken then displays another Get Started With Quicken 2012 window that asks whether you want to open a Quicken file located on this computer, restore a Quicken data file you’ve backed up to CD or disc, or start over and create a new data file.

If you indicate that you want to open another Quicken data file located on the computer, Quicken displays a dialog box that asks where that file is. If you indicate that you want to grab a backup copy of the Quicken file, Quicken displays a dialog box that asks where that file is.

Presumably, if either of these situations is your case, you’ll know where the data file or backup copy of the data file is.

Are you new to Quicken?

If you indicate that you’re a new Quicken user, Quicken automatically sets up a data file for you (you don’t need to worry about it). Next, Quicken prompts you to register. (You might as well do this. The registration takes only a few minutes. All you do, in a nutshell, is provide your name and address, a bit of information about how you use Quicken, and your e-mail address.)

After the data file is set up, Quicken starts the home page. The Setup Center walks you through the steps for setting up Quicken.