How to Design Business Invoices in Quicken 2012 - dummies

How to Design Business Invoices in Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

After describing your business to Quicken 2012, you need to add your business’s name and address to the business invoice template that Quicken produces. To do this, display the Business tab, click the Business Actions button, and then choose the Invoices And Estimates→Design Forms command.

When Quicken displays the Forms Designer window, click the Company Address Properties button (the button next to a double-chevron) so that Quicken displays the Company Address dialog box. Then enter your business and address. Note that you may need to click the Let’s Get Started button the first time you want to access this dialog box.


You may want to poke around the Forms Designer window a bit. You can use the window’s buttons and boxes to customize with abandon the invoice form that Quicken produces.

Note, too, that you may need or want to create and customize multiple invoice templates — such as if you are using Quicken for more than one business or such as when you want to use distinctly different invoices for different customers, products, or services. You can create a new invoice template by clicking the Forms Designer window’s Layout button and then choosing New on the menu that Quicken displays.