How to Attach Flags, Notes, and Images in Quicken 2012 - dummies

How to Attach Flags, Notes, and Images in Quicken 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2012 provides a couple of handy though easy to miss buttons inside the register window just beneath the date field: a Flag button and an Attach button. If you wouldn’t mind, take a minute and see if you can find these babies. The Flag button shows a little flag. The Attach button shows a picture of a paper clip.

The Flag button, if clicked, displays the Transaction Notes and Flags dialog box which lets you append a note to a transaction, tell Quicken you want to flag the transaction in your register (by making the flag display in a different color) and, just possibly, command Quicken to display an alert message about the transaction on some specified future date.

When you click the Attach button, Quicken displays the Transaction Attachments dialog box, which you can use to attach an image of the check or some document to the transaction. You can attach images from a variety of sources, including files, scanned images, or the Clipboard.