Finishing the Quicken 2015 Setup If You’ve Used Quicken Before

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you’ve used a previous version of Quicken, the Quicken program displays a window that asks about converting your old Quicken data file to the next Quicken 2015 file format. If you’re okay with this — and you should be; Quicken saves a copy of the old file — click the Convert File button. Quicken then converts the file.

The Quicken setup process can usually tell whether you’ve used Quicken before. The setup process knows where the Quicken installation program usually puts the Quicken program and data files, and the installation program will look there. If you’ve used Quicken before but Quicken can’t see this, two possibilities exist:

  • You may have put the Quicken data file someplace weird. (If that’s the case, with any luck, you remember the weird place where you hid the Quicken data file.)

  • Maybe you didn’t do anything with the Quicken data file, but the data file has somehow gone missing. (If that’s the case, hopefully you’ve backed up the Quicken data file to a CD or to some other disc from which you can restore the data file.)