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EasyAnswer Reports Let You Find the Right Quicken 2013 Report

By Stephen L. Nelson

Quicken 2013 provides something called EasyAnswer reports to help you find the report you need. If you’ve read or even skimmed the reports available in Quicken, you’re probably a little overwhelmed. Quicken produces a bunch of different reports. How do you know which one provides the answers you want? What are you supposed to do? Sift your way through three dozen of these babies?

In effect, EasyAnswer reports let you identify the question that you want a report to answer. After you identify the question, Quicken produces the appropriate report. Here’s how this all works:

  1. Choose the Reports→EasyAnswer command.

    The Reports and Graphs Center command appears on the Reports menu.

  2. Select the EasyAnswer report category in the Reports And Graphs window.

  3. Indicate your question.

    To tell Quicken what your question is, click one of the questions, and then use the drop-down list boxes that accompany each question to further refine your question. For example, the “Where did I spend my money during the period . . . ?” question lets you pick the period of time you’re asking about: Last Year, Last Month, Current Year, Month to Date, and so on.

  4. Click Show Report.

    Quicken produces a report that answers your questions. For example, if you ask, “Where did I spend my money last year?” Quicken produces a Cash Flow report that summarizes the previous year’s income and expenses by category.