Delete and Void Quicken 2012 Transactions - dummies

Delete and Void Quicken 2012 Transactions

By Stephen L. Nelson

You can delete and void register transactions in Quicken 2012 by using the More Actions button’s Delete and Void Transaction(s) commands. If you’ve looked at the Edit button — it appears just beneath the selected transaction when you’re entering data — you’ve probably already guessed as much. The More Actions button looks like a compass. Or Something.

Using either command is a snap: Just highlight the transaction you want to delete or void by using the arrow keys or by clicking the mouse. Then click the More Actions button and choose the command. And that’s that.

Use the Void Transaction(s) command any time you void a check. Quicken leaves voided transactions in the register but marks them as void and erases the Payment or Deposit amount. So by using the Void Transaction(s) command, you keep a record of voided, or canceled, transactions.

Use the Delete command if you want to remove the transaction from your register.