Selecting Indicators of Price Movement and Volume on a Stock Chart

By Greg Schnell, Lita Epstein

Part of Stock Charts For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Indicators of price movement and volume on a stock can be a helpful tool to enhance your stock chart style. Here are the key indicators to focus on:

  • Relative strength indicator (RSI): Shows how strongly a stock is moving in its current direction, whether up or down
  • Chaikin money flow (CMF): Combines price and volume to show the movement of money in and out of a stock
  • On-balance volume (OBV): Combines price and volume to show how money is moving in and out of a stock
  • Percent price oscillator (PPO): The percentage-based version of the moving average convergence divergence indicator (MACD)
  • Percent volume oscillator (PVO): The PPO indicator applied to volume rather than price
  • Force index: Shows the movement of price and volume
  • Price momentum oscillator (PMO): Tracks the stock’s rate of change
  • Stochastics: Show speed of stock price relative to past movements
  • StockCharts technical ranking (SCTR): Ranking based on a stock’s technical strength