3 Quick and Helpful Tips You May Not Know About Investing Online - dummies

3 Quick and Helpful Tips You May Not Know About Investing Online

By Matt Krantz

Part of Investing Online For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you start investing online, take a look at the following three tips. These tips are short, but they might save you some time and trouble later on.

  • Quickest way to get stock information.

    If you’re in a hurry and want basic information about a stock, fast, hit the search engines. Enter a stock’s ticker symbol into the search field in all the popular search engines including Google, Live.com, and Ask. You’ll immediately get the basic information about the stock, including a chart of the stock price, price quote, and market value.

  • Instant access to MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, and Google Finance.

    You can access these popular investing sites by visiting their front pages and clicking the appropriate links to find the information you seek. For instance, you can start at MSN.com and find your way to MSN Money. But here’s a better and more direct way: Just type money.msn.com for MSN Money, finance.yahoo.com for Yahoo! Finance, and finance.google.com for Google Finance.

  • Don’t assume you have to pay commissions.

    Online commission are low — but you may not have to pay them. If you have an existing banking relationship with a large bank, such as Wells Fargo, you might qualify for free trades. Also, if you stick with certain exchange-traded funds, many brokers will give you free trades. And there are apps such as Robinhood that offer free trades and brokers like Loyal3 that do, too.