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Energy Indexes That Investors Need to Watch

By Nick Hodge, Jeff Siegel, Christian DeHaemer, Keith Kohl

Part of Energy Investing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can get a sense of how a particular sector of the energy market is doing by monitoring an index that tracks the performance of several companies operating within it. For an investor, that’s great information to have. Here are some of the most-watched indexes in the energy market:

  • Dow Jones U.S. Select Oil Equipment & Services Index

  • Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index

  • Dow Jones Global Utilities Index

  • World Nuclear Association Nuclear Energy Index

  • Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index

More info on each is available from the company or organization that owns the index, or by searching the index on a financial website like Yahoo! Finance or Bloomberg. You should look at the holdings of each index to get a sense of the companies that operate in each space in case you want to invest in them individually.