Applying for Student Finance - dummies

By Phil Davis

Part of Student Finance For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re applying for student finance, the process can get confusing. Here is a handy list to help your application for student finance go smoothly:

  1. Bookmark Gov.UK’s Student Finance page to ensure you can readily access the online application form.

  2. Always apply early if you can. Make a note of when you need to apply for each source of funding (e.g., NHS Bursary, Social Work Bursary, or NCTL Bursary).

  3. Ensure you make an income-assessed application to maximise the funding available to you.

  4. Make sure anyone supporting your application provides all the information they need to.

  5. Remember to print out and return the Declaration Form after you have submitted your application.

  6. Allow 6-8 weeks after you have applied and then start checking your on-line student finance account.

  7. Ensure you respond to any requests for more information on your on-line account. If you do not hear anything after 8 weeks, contact your student finance agency.

  8. Check your student finance entitlement once it has been assessed to ensure you are receiving what you expected – if you suspect it is wrong, or wish to get it checked, contact the advice service at your course provider.