How to Save on Style Expenses - dummies

How to Save on Style Expenses

If you need to save money, that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. You can save on style expenses, keeping yourself looking good without draining your wallet:

  • Hair: When you’re trying to be a conscientious consumer, salon visits pose a dilemma. On the one hand, visiting a stylist at the salon once every six weeks is a luxury you can surely do without. On the other hand, looking and feeling good is darn near priceless. Here are some ideas that let you have your cake and eat it to:

    • Negotiate services with your stylist.

    • Extend time between visits.

    • Go to a discount salon or a beauty college between visits with your regular stylist.

    • Trim your own bangs to extend the life of your style between salon visits.

    • Cut your kids’ hair yourself rather than taking them to the salon. They don’t need the extra pampering just yet.

  • Clothing: Dressing well doesn’t have to equal dressing expensively. A great place to find clothing is at thrift stores and garage sales. Even if your family’s wardrobe consists of almost nothing but secondhand clothing, you can all still look great.

    A wardrobe of basic colors and simple styles makes mix-and-match dressing practical, easy, and much less expensive than buying outfits made of pieces that can only be worn with each other.