How to Expand Your Wardrobe on the Cheap - dummies

How to Expand Your Wardrobe on the Cheap

You can add to your wardrobe without going into debt. With these simple wardrobe-expanding tricks, you can keep your entire family stylishly clothed and stay in the black.

  • Make the most of hand-me-downs. Using hand-me-downs is a wonderful way to save money and recycle still-serviceable clothing items.

    If you have friends and family with kids slightly older than yours, ask them to save their children’s outgrown clothing for you. Most parents are happy to save clothes for a friend, but may not know who’s interested in their hand-me-downs.

  • Exchange clothing. Start a regular group clothing exchange throughout the year. Everyone brings his or her family’s outgrown or discarded clothing to someone’s home, displays it on a table, and then sorts through everyone else’s castoffs to find clothing for his or her own family. At the end of the exchange, the leftovers are boxed up and donated to a thrift store.

  • Shop seasonally and plan ahead. At the end of each season, you can find huge savings on seasonal clothing items. The best selection of clothes is usually at the beginning of the season, but the best bargains are at the end. Watch for seasonal sales at local stores, where you can stock up on items you’ll use throughout the year.

    If you’re buying for your kids and you see an excellent price, stock up on larger sizes. Your kids can grow into them as time passes.

  • Save on school clothes. Wait until the school year begins to buy the bulk of your kids’ school clothing, so they can see what’s in style and what’s out of fashion. Waiting until after school starts allows you to take advantage of clearance sale prices at department stores, thrift stores, and secondhand shops.