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Getting Started with a Printable “Couponer’s Kit”

By Beth Montgomery

Improve your couponing skills overnight with this downloadable kit. The kit contains Excel forms, Word documents, and a number of graphics in PDF form that you can use to move from beginning couponer to expert saver. Just click on each of the following and save the documents to your hard drive so you can print or use them later.

  • Weekly Meal Plan Form: When it comes to creating the perfect meal plan, all the things you have to consider, from saving money to your busy schedule, could make your head explode (hopefully not literally). Use this form to get the most out of your time.

  • Meal Planning Theme Ideas: A themed approach often helps you create meal plans. Need ideas? Here’s a list of possible themes.

  • Coupon Binder Cover: Whether you clip coupons or not, you’ll still need a place to keep and organize them. Many couponers prefer to use binders for this task. Use this sheet as a cover for yours.

  • Category Labels for Coupon Binder: Print these labels out for use in organizing your coupons within your binder.

  • Grocery Price Book Form: Your Grocery Price Book will be one of the most helpful items in your saving toolbox. You can create your own using a spreadsheet or a good old-fashioned paper and pen. Here is an example you can use to get started.

  • Produce Seasonal Chart: Produce is always less expensive when it’s in season. Use this chart to find out when to buy your favorites!

  • Seasonal Sale List: Produce isn’t the only thing that’s seasonal. Use this handy list to track the best times to buy many of your favorite products.

    Drawing of an expanding filing folder.

Some of these files have been stored in ZIP archives for easier downloading. If your computer can’t open ZIP archives, try downloading the free trial of WinZip. For more on opening Zip files, check out these articles at