Frugal Living Habit: Track Monthly Sale Items - dummies

Frugal Living Habit: Track Monthly Sale Items

By Deborah Taylor-Hough

Part of Frugal Living For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Living frugally means carefully planning your shopping to buy items that are in-season or to coincide with manufacturers’ annual sales. You can save considerably when buying these things during their peak sale season:

  • January: Linens, holiday decorations, gift wrap

  • February: Candy, furniture

  • March: Frozen foods, winter sports equipment

  • April: Eggs, cauliflower

  • May: Hot dogs, asparagus

  • June: Dairy products, spring fashions

  • July: Strawberries, watermelon

  • August: Berries, backyard equipment

  • September: Apples, gardening supplies

  • October: Pumpkins, cranberries

  • November: Turkey, post-Halloween candy

  • December: Oranges, seasonal decorations