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  • How to Chat at a Sushi Bar

    If a Japanese-speaking sushi chef is behind the sushi counter, these ten brief Japanese expressions will come in handy and make you a very welcome gue...

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  • Shrimp Finger Sushi

    Shrimp finger sushi is a beloved sushi bar staple. The process for making shrimp finger sushi isn’t difficult, and the sushi looks (and tastes!)...

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  • Salmon Roe Battleship Sushi

    Sushi is especially gorgeous when adorned with salmon roe — known for its showstopping size, orange-red color, and velvety texture. This easy Sa...

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  • California Inside-Out Roll

    Some people say that the California inside-out roll was invented in Los Angeles during the early 1960s for people new to sushi bars. The California in...

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