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  • January 17,2018

    Modern Turrets and Tool Changers

    Lathe operators during the early 1800s must have had have mighty strong forearms. That’s because tool changes back then were made manually: Loos...

  • January 17,2018

    Machine Basics

    Whether lathe or mill, computerized or manual control, all machine tools share some basic mechanical similarities. All have a rotating spindle and a m...

  • January 17,2018

    The Founding Fathers of Machining

    Such a wide variety of machine tool types and brands have existed over the past two centuries that it’s impossible to name a Henry Ford equivale...

  • January 17,2018

    What is Machining?

    What is machining? And how does it differ from fabricating, welding, and all the other manufacturing processes in use today? Technically, machining is...

  • January 16,2018

    Sustainability in Machining

    Everyone’s concerned about the environment. After all, an ice cube the size of Delaware fell into the ocean, and the planet just had the hottest...

  • January 16,2018

    Automating Everything in Machining

    Shop-floor automation goes beyond a ready-to-serve fleet of droids. There are also automated pallet changers and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)...

  • January 16,2018

    Cloud Computing and Machining

    Cloud computing is beginning to play a big role in manufacturing. One example is Machining Cloud, a company that has joined forces with leading cuttin...