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  • April 09,2018

    How ggplot2 Works in R

    In ggplot2, Wickham’s implementation of Wilkinson’s grammar is an easy-to-learn structure for R graphics code. A graph starts with the function gg...

  • April 09,2018

    R Formulas and an Example

    R formulas are useful for multiple reasons. Suppose you’re interested in how the temperature varies with the month. Having lived through many Mays t...

  • March 02,2018

    Tackling Machine Learning with R

    Machine Learning (ML) is a popular area. R provides a number of ML-related packages and functions. Here are some of them: Machine Learning Packages an...

  • July 05,2017

    Testing a Variance in R

    You might think that the function chisq.test() would be the best way to test a variance in R. Although base R provides this function, it’s not a...

  • July 05,2017

    Plotting t in ggplot2

    The grammar-of-graphics approach takes considerably more effort when plotting the values of a t-distribution than base R. But follow along and youR...