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  • Know Your Elements!

    Appearing in alphabetical order is a list of all the HTML5 elements contained in the current HTML5 specification. A brief description is included as a...

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  • CSS Property Reference

    The following table shows CSS properties that are supported by most browsers today, along with their allowed values. Some of these properties are part...

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  • Named Colors and Hex Values in HTML

    The following table contains a list of named colors you can use in HTML and CSS code to create a more colorful website. The colors are shown with thei...

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  • Mobile First Web Design

    Two big categories of strategies have been employed over the years to support web design for mobile devices: graceful degradation and progressive enha...

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  • How to Use the meta Element in HTML5

    HTML meta elements provide information about an HTML document. A web page may have many meta elements, or very few (and sometimes none at all). When p...

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