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  • June 04,2018

    3D Modeling in the Real World

    As technology and computer hardware have moved forward and become much faster and much more capable, 3D models are now widely used anywhere in 3D grap...

  • June 04,2018

    What Is 3D Modeling?

    3D is the abbreviation for 3-dimensional. In the world of Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D modeling (also known as three-dimensional modeling) is the p...

  • June 04,2018

    3D versus 2D Modeling Methods

    3D photorealistic effects achieved without wireframe modeling can be hard to distinguish when in their final form. Some of the software available has...

  • June 04,2018

    3D Model Representation

    A 3D model is represented either as a full solid or a shell of a solid. Imagine an old-fashioned wooden toy block as compared to a hollow Lego™ bric...

  • June 04,2018

    The Creation of a 3D Model

    Because the 3D model is formed by a collection of data (points and other information), you can create these 3D models by hand (manually), algorithmica...

  • June 04,2018

    The 3D Model Market

    Did you know that 3D models are, quite literally, everywhere? Many consumer products you now buy and use are 3D printed verbatim from their 3D models...

  • June 04,2018

    The Uses of 3D Printed Models

    Now that there is a process where the 3D conceptual design (inside your computer) can be made into something real (outside your computer, in the REAL...