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  • Natural Hormones

    Your body manufactures and uses hormones as part of its internal communication system to regulate all of your body’s biological processes, inclu...

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  • The Benefits of Natural Medicine

    A natural cures approach to health and healing offers numerous benefits. Before investing time, effort, and money in any endeavor, it’s a good i...

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  • Aromatic Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic essential oils extracted from plants to improve mental and physical health. The table highlights the mo...

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  • 10 Natural Cure Maxims

    Natural medicine isn’t as easy as popping a pill. It’s a juggling act that involves diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbs, body...

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  • What Is Natural Medicine?

    Natural medicine is any healing practice that harnesses the power of nature, including the human body’s self‐defense and self‐healin...

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