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  • How to Navigate the Workspace in R

    The workspace refers to all the variables and functions (collectively called objects) that you create during an R session, as well as any packages tha...

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  • How to Navigate RStudio

    RStudio is a code editor and development environment with some very nice features that make code development in R easy a...

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  • How to Round Off Numbers in R

    Although R can calculate accurately to up to 16 digits, you don’t always want to use that many digits. In this case, you can use a couple functi...

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  • How to Store and Calculate Values in R

    Using R as a calculator is very interesting but perhaps not all that useful. A much more useful capability is storing values and then doing calculatio...

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  • How to Source a Script in R

    When you want to tell R to perform several commands one after the other without waiting for additional instructions, you...

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