Useful Spanish Words and Phrases for Airport Travel - dummies

Useful Spanish Words and Phrases for Airport Travel

Navigating an airport in Spanish is a lot easier when you know some of the common Spanish words and phrases you may encounter. International airport travel will be a breeze after you master these words.

As you begin your journey, here are some words you may need to know:

  • el asiento (ehl ah-seeehn-toh) (the seat)

  • el boleto(ehl bvoh-leh-toh) (the ticket)

  • las maletas (lahs mah-leh-tahs) (the suitcases)

  • primera clase (pree-meh-rah klah-seh) (first class)

After you’ve reached your destination, you’ll have to deal with Migration/Immigration and Customs. The following list gives you more words that can help you out as you go through the process of officially entering the country:

  • abrir (ah-bvreer) (to open)

  • la Aduana (lah ah-dooah-nah) (Customs)

  • el cuestionario (ehl kooehs-teeoh-nah-reeoh) (the form; questionnaire)

  • el dinero (ehl dee-neh-roh) (the money)

  • el documento (ehl doh-koo-mehn-toh) (the document; the paper)

  • la estadía (lah ehs-tah-deeah) (the stay)

  • el formulario (ehl fohr-moo-lah-reeoh) (the form)

  • Inmigración (een-mee-grah-seeohn) (Immigration)

  • Migración (mee-grah-seeohn) (Migration)

  • el pasaporte (ehl pah-sah-pohr-teh) (the passport)

  • quedar (keh-dahr) (to stay)

  • salir (sah-leer) (to exit; to get out)

  • uso personal (oo-soh pehr-soh-nahl) (personal use)