Traveling by Train: Passports and Customs Forms in Spanish - dummies

Traveling by Train: Passports and Customs Forms in Spanish

Having a Spanish-speaking train employee check your passport and Customs form can be confusing, but the following steps give you the Spanish you need to chug through the passport and Customs-form process without getting thrown off the train:

1Give the ticket-collector your passport.

The ticket-collector will ask for your group’s passports by saying something like ¿Me permiten sus pasaportes por favor? (meh pehr-mee-tehn soos pah-sah-pohr-tehs pohr fah-bvohr) (“May I have your passports, please?”). He may also indicate that he needs to keep them for a bit: Me llevo sus pasaportes un rato. (meh yeh-bvoh soos pah-sah-pohr-tehs oon rah-toh) (“I’ll take your passports for a while.”)

2Fill out your Customs form.

The ticket-collector may also give you sus formularios de Aduana (soos fohr-moo-lah-reeohs deh ah-dooah-nah) (your Customs forms) and ask you to fill them out: Llenen por favor el cuestionario. (yeh-nehn pohr fah-bvohr ehl kooehs-teeoh-nah-reeoh) (“Please fill in the questions.”)

3Take your form to the Customs office when you arrive.

Before he leaves you, your ticket-collector will probably give you some final instructions on turning in your Customs paperwork: “Al llegar llévelo a la Aduana. (ahl yeh-gahr yeh-bveh-loh ah lah ah-dooah-nah) (“When you arrive, take it to Customs.”)