Talking about a Spanish Circus - dummies

Talking about a Spanish Circus

A traveling show or circus passing through a Spanish town is a special event. If you’re going to the circus, consider the following dialog to get some tips on having a Spanish conversation about the event.

Imagine yourself in town with Catalina and Silverio just when a circus is playing:


¡Me dijeron que el circo es muy divertido!

meh dee-Heh-rohn keh ehl seer-koh ehs mooy dee-bvehr-tee-doh

They tell me the circus is really fun!


¡Algo completamente nuevo!

ahl-goh kohm-pleh-tah-mehn-teh nooeh-bvoh

Something completely new!


¿Qué tiene de nuevo?

keh teeeh-neh deh nooeh-bvoh

What’s new about it?


Es un circo con pura gente, no hay animales.

ehs oon seer-koh kohn poo-rah Hehn-teh noh ahy ah-nee-mah-lehs

It’s a circus with just people, no animals.


¿Qué trae de especial?

keh trah-eh deh ehs-peh-seeahl

What special things does it bring?


Trae los mejores magos y payasos.

trah-eh lohs meh-Hoh-rehs mah-gohs ee pah-yah-sohs

It brings the best magicians and clowns.

[Credit: Purestock]
Credit: Purestock


¿Qué hacen los payasos?

keh ah-sehn lohs pah-yah-sohs

What do the clowns do?


Se especializan en bromas sobre políticos.

seh ehs-peh-seeah-lee-sahn ehn broh-mahs soh-bvreh poh-lee-tee-kohs

They specialize in making fun of politicians.


¿Y hay acróbatas?

ee ahy ah-kroh-bvah-tahs

And are there acrobats?


¡Unos campeones! ¡Vamos!

oo-nohs kahm-peh-oh-nehs bvah-mohs

Real champions! Let’s go!