Shopping for Quality Fabric in Spanish - dummies

Shopping for Quality Fabric in Spanish

In Spanish department stores, you may notice that poorer regions favor fabrics made with artificial fibers, and that the prices for these fabrics aren’t any lower than those of natural fibers. The following Spanish words may be helpful when you want to know what an article is made of:

  • pura (poo-rah) (pure)

  • la lana (lah lah-nah) (the wool)

  • el algodón (ehl ahl-goh-dohn) (the cotton)

  • la fibra (lah fee-bvrah) (the fiber)

  • por ciento (pohr seeehn-toh) (percent; percentage)

Here’s how a Spanish conversation between a shopper and a salesperson to determine fabric content might go:


¿Este pantalón es de pura lana?

ehs-teh pahn-tah-lohn ehs de poo-rah lah-nah

Are these pants made of pure wool?


No, es de lana con nylon.

noh ehs deh lah-nah kohn nahee-lohn

No, they are made of wool and nylon.


¿La camisa es de puro algodón?

lah kah-mee-sah ehs deh poo-roh ahl-goh-dohn

Is the shirt made of pure cotton?


No, es de algodón con poliéster.

noh, ehs deh ahl-goh-dohn ee poh-leeehs-tehr

No, it’s made of cotton and polyester.


¿Cuánto algodón tiene esta tela?

kooahn-toh ahl-goh-dohn teeeh-neh ehs-tah teh-lah?

How much cotton is there in this fabric?


Tiene cuarenta por ciento.

teeeh-neh kooah-rehn-tah pohr seeehn-toh

It has forty percent.


Busco ropa de fibras naturales.

bvoos-koh roh-pah deh fee-bvrahs nah-too-rah-lehs

I’m looking for natural fiber clothes.


También tenemos.

tahm-bveeehn teh-neh-mohs

We have them also.