How to Hire a Taxi in a Spanish City - dummies

How to Hire a Taxi in a Spanish City

Like many urban areas worldwide, taxis are often available for hire in Spanish-speaking cities. To take advantage of this service, though, you need to know how to go about hiring a taxi. Following are some step-by-step instructions to help you out.

  • Ask where you can find a taxi.

    Before you leave an airport or train station in search of a taxi, be sure to ask someone where to find one: ¿Dónde encuentro un taxi? (dohn-deh ehn-kooehn-troh oon tah-ksee; Where do I find a taxi?) Or you can ask ¿Hay paraderos de taxis? (ahy pah-rah-deh-rohs deh tah-ksees; Is there a taxi stop?).

  • Figure out where to pay the taxi.

    At some airports, you pay the taxi before taking it. So after you know where to hire a taxi, there’s only one way to find out whether you’re supposed to pay before or after you arrive at your destination: you ask. Do I pay the taxi here? in Spanish is ¿Se paga aquí el taxi? (seh pah-gah ah-kee ehl tah-ksee).

  • Enter the taxi and let the driver know where to take you.

    It can be helpful to have the address of your destination written down so that the taxi driver can look at it, as in this example.

Talkin’ the Talk


Voy al hotel Las Américas.

bvoy ahl oh-tehl lahs ah-meh-ree-kahs

I’m going to the Las Américas hotel.

Taxi driver:

¿En qué calle está?

ehn keh kah-yeh ehs-tah

On what street is it?


Está en Junín 228.

ehs-tah ehn Hoo-neen dohs-seeehn-tohs bveheen-tee-oh-choh

It’s on Junin 228.

Taxi driver:

A ver la tarjeta? . . .

ah bvehr lah tahr-Heh-tah

Can I see the card?

Ah, ya sé. Vamos.

ah yah seh bvah-mohs

Ah, I know. Here we go.