Going to a Spanish Theater - dummies

Going to a Spanish Theater

A Spanish theater can be the perfect place to absorb the Spanish language. But first, you’re likely to be engaged in a conversation like the following one about going to the theater:


¿Te gusta ir al teatro?

the goos-tah eer ahl teh-ah-troh

Do you like going to the theater?


Sí, ¡dan la obra de un dramaturgo de Chile!

see dahn lah oh-bvrah deh oon drah-mah-toor-goh deh chee-leh

Yes, they’re doing a piece by a Chilean playwright!


Tuvo muy buena crítica.

too-bvoh mooy bvooeh-nah kree-tee-kah

It got very good reviews.


Los actores son excelentes.

lohs ahk-toh-rehs sohn eh-kseh-lehn-tehs

The actors are excellent.


El teatro es bastante chico.

ehl teh-ah-troh ehs bvahs-tahn-teh chee-koh

The theater is quite small.


Tenemos que comprar los boletos pronto.

teh-neh-mohs keh kohm-prahr lohs bvoh-leh-tohs prohn-toh

We have to buy the tickets soon.


¿En qué fila te gusta ir?

ehn keh fee-lah teh goos-tah

What row do you like to sit in?


Para teatro prefiero estar bien adelante.

pah-rah teh-ah-troh preh-feeeh-roh ehs-tahr bveeehn ah-deh-lahn-teh

For theater I prefer to be up front.


Intentaré encontrar buenas butacas.

een-tehn-tah-reh ehn-kohn-trahr bvooeh-nahs bvoo-tah-kahs

I’ll try to find good seats.