Going to a Spanish Cinema - dummies

Going to a Spanish Cinema

Latin America shows rich and varied films in its movie theaters, which are a wonderful form of entertainment. Consider the following Spanish conversation between Cristina and Nemesio, who decide to go to the cinema.


Si quieres, vamos al cine.

see keeeh-rehs bvah-mohs ahl see-neh

If you want, we can go to the movies.


¿Hay muchos cines en esta ciudad?

ahy moo-chohs see-nehs ehn ehs-tah seeoo-dahd

Are there many cinemas in this city?


Sí, hay muchos cines.

see ahy moo-chohs see-nehs

Yes, there are many cinemas.


¿Qué dan hoy?

keh dahn ohy

What’s playing today?


Veamos la cartelera ¡Ah, mira, la version original de Nosferatu!

bveh-ah-mohs lah kahr-teh-leh-rah ah mee-rah lah vehr-seeohn oh-ree-Hee-nahl deh nohs-feh-rah-too

Let’s see the listings. Look! The original version of Nosferatu!


Esta película me gusta.

ehs-tah peh-lee-koo-lah meh goos-tah

I like this film.