Getting Hotel Room Information in Spanish - dummies

Getting Hotel Room Information in Spanish

Before checking in to a Spanish hotel, you’ll want to check it out to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Seeing the hotel’s rooms before you check in is a particularly good idea if you’re coming to a city or town where the tastes and levels of cleanliness may differ from your own. The advantage of such hotels is that they are much less expensive than the ones you book beforehand.

Size up the following:

  • The closets: What do they look like inside?

  • The bathroom: Does it really have hot water, and does the toilet flush properly?

  • The windows: Where do they open to?

  • The water: Is it safe to drink?

When you visit any foreign country, always ask whether the water is safe to drink. You can never take the safety of your water for granted. Here are some phrases that will help you determine how safe the water is:

  • ¿Es potable el agua del hotel? (ehs poh-tah-bleh ehl ah-gooah dehl oh-tehl) Is the hotel’s water drinkable?

  • Sí, y también tenemos agua embotellada. (see ee tahm-bveeehn teh-neh-mohs ah-gooah ehm-bvoh-teh-yah-dah) (Yes, and we also have bottled water.

  • ¿Dónde encuentro el agua? (dohn-deh ehn-kooehn-troh ehl ah-gooah) Where do I find the water?

  • Las botellas están en su habitación. (lahs bvoh-teh-yahs ehs-tahn ehn soo ah-bvee-tah-seeohn) (The bottles are in your room.)

Although the water may taste different in various regions of the United States and Canada, the water won’t make you sick if you happen to swallow some of it when taking a shower or brushing your teeth. However, some countries don’t treat their water to remove harmful bacteria as thoroughly as do the United States and Canada. Therefore, keep your mouth shut when showering, which may be hard to do at first.

In the following conversation, Andrea wants to be able to relax in her room. A bubble bath sounds good. But first, she needs to make sure that the room has a private bath and a tub. Otherwise, she may need to change her plans.


La ciento diecinueve está en el segundo patio. Es una habitación preciosa.

lah seeehn-toh-deeeh-see-nooeh-bveh ehs-tah ehn ehl seh-goon-doh pah-teeoh. ehs oo-nah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn preh-seeoh-sah

One-nineteen is on the second patio. It’s a gorgeous room.


¿Tiene baño?

teeeh-neh bvah-nyoh

Does it have a [private] bath?


Sí. Pase, por aquí está el baño.

see pah-seh pohr ah-kee ehs-tah ehl bvah-nyoh

Yes. The bathroom is this way.


¿El baño no tiene tina?

ehl bvah-nyoh noh teeeh-neh tee-nah

The bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub?


No. Como hace calor, aquí la gente prefiere ducharse.

noh koh-moh ah-seh kah-lohr ah-kee lah Hen-teh preh-feeeh-reh doo-chahrshe

No. Because it’s hot, people here prefer to shower.


¿Hay agua caliente?

ahy ah-gooah kah-leeehnteh

Is there hot water?


Sí, hay agua caliente y fría todo el día.

see ahy ah-gooah kah-leeehn-teh ee freeah toh-doh ehl deeah

Yes, there is hot and cold water all day long.

Andrea is resigned to doing without her bubble bath; she’ll watch TV to relax instead. Of course, if she doesn’t check to make sure that the room has a TV, she may have to change her plans again.


¿La habitación tiene televisión?

lah ah-bvee-tah-seeohn teeeh-neh teh-leh-bvee-seeohn

Does the room have TV?


Sí, tiene un excelente televisor. Está dentro de este mueble. Aquí está el control automático.

see teeeh-neh oon ehks-seh-lehn-teh teh-leh-bvee-sohr. ehs-tah dehn-troh dehl mooeh-bvleh. ah-kee ehs-tah ehl kohn-trohl ahoo-toh-mah-tee-koh

Yes, it has an excellent TV. It’s inside this cabinet. Here’s the automatic control.


¿Se puede ver canales en inglés?

seh pooeh-deh bvehr kah-nah-lehs ehn een-glehs

Can you get channels in English?


Sí, hay muchos canales en inglés y también en español.

see ahy moo-chohs kah-nah-lehs ehn een-glehs ee tahm-bveeehn ehn ehs-pah-nyohl

Yes, there are many channels in English and also in Spanish.