Finding the Answers in Spanish Word Search Puzzles - dummies

Finding the Answers in Spanish Word Search Puzzles

By Adam Cohen, Leslie Frates

Part of Spanish Word Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Word search puzzles commonly come in two flavors: the seek-and-find variety that includes a list of words you need to find, and the secret list variety, which describes a group of words and leaves figuring out the specific words hidden in the grid up to you.

To find the words in a seek-and-find puzzle, try these tips:

  • Scan the grid for the first letter of the word you’re looking for, and then when you have found it, look for adjacent squares that contain the second letter, and so on, until you find all the letters in the word.

  • Try to spot letters in words — not necessarily the first letters — that have unique properties or shapes that are likely to “pop out” at you. The Q, with its tail, is one good example.

  • If a word contains an uncommon letter, such as Z, Ñ, X, W, or K, try to spot that letter and look for adjacent letters to that one; less-common letters may be more likely to stand out.

Secret word list puzzles offer different challenges. To figure out what you’re looking for in this kind of puzzle, do the following:

  • Think of all the words you can that fit the theme. Writing them down helps you visualize them so that you more easily spot them in the grid.

  • Keep track of the words you find using the spaces that follow the grid to figure out the lengths of the remaining words in the puzzle.