Decoding a Spanish Cryptogram Puzzle - dummies

Decoding a Spanish Cryptogram Puzzle

By Adam Cohen, Leslie Frates

Part of Spanish Word Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cracking the code of a cryptogram puzzle (in which letters stand in for other letters) becomes easier when you know a few inside tips:

  • Remember that if one letter substitutes for another, it does so for all instances of that letter in the puzzle.

  • Not all puzzles contain all the letters, but every letter that does appear in a cryptogram puzzle will appear at least twice and in two different words.

  • If all the words in a cryptogram list end in the same letter, it could be R if the words are all verb infinitives, S if the entries are plural nouns, or O if they are all adjectives.

  • Review the important properties of Spanish spelling, such as the greater appearance of consonant-vowel alternations compared to English.