Communicating with Immigration Officials in Spanish - dummies

Communicating with Immigration Officials in Spanish

Communicating with Spanish-speaking airport personnel can be intimidating, especially when you’re dealing with Immigration. Here are some Spanish airport-related phrases you may hear (as well as their phonetic explanations and English translations):

  • Pase a Migración. (pah-seh a mee-grah-seeohn) (Go to Migration.)

  • Pase a Inmigración. (pah-seh a een-mee-grah-seeohn) (Go to Immigration.)

  • Pase por aquí con su pasaporte en la mano. (pah-seh pohr ah-kee kohn soo pah-sah-pohr-teh ehn lah mah-noh) (Go this way with your passport in your hand.)

While waiting in line at the Immigration office, you can get ready to answer some of these questions that the officer may ask you:

  • ¿Me permite su pasaporte? (meh pehr-mee-teh soo pah-sah-pohr-the) (May I have your passport?)

  • ¿De dónde viene? (deh dohn-deh bveeeh-neh) (Where do you come from?)

  • ¿En qué vuelo llegó? (ehn keh bvooeh-loh yeh-goh) (What flight did you come on?)

  • ¿A dónde va? (ah dohn-deh bvah) (Where are you going?)

  • ¿Cuánto tiempo quiere quedarse en el país? (kooahn-toh teeehm-poh keeeh-reh keh-dahr-seh ehn ehl pahees) (How long do you want to stay in the country?)

  • ¿Cuánto dinero trae consigo? (kooahn-toh dee-neh-roh traheh kohn-see-goh) (How much money do you have with you?)

  • ¡Que tenga una estadía feliz! (keh tehn-gah oo-nah ehs-tah-deeah feh-lees) (Have a happy stay!)

  • ¡Que lo pase muy bien! (keh loh pah-seh mooy bveeehn) (Have a good time!)

  • Pase a la Aduana, por favor. (pah -seh ahl lah ah-dooah-nah pohr fah-bvohr) (Go to Customs, please.)