Brightening Your World with Colors in Spanish

Shopping for clothes, home décor items, and other household goods in Spanish-speaking countries requires some familiarity with describing these colores (koh-lohr-ehs) so you can select the best match for your needs and personality. Here are the Spanish words for the most common colors:

[Credit: PhotoDisc, Inc.]
Credit: PhotoDisc, Inc.
  • amarillo (ah-mah-ree-yoh) yellow

  • anaranjado (ah-nah-rahn-Hah-doh) orange

  • azul (ah-sool) blue

  • blanco (bvlahn-koh) white

  • café (kah-feh) brown

  • celeste (seh-lehsteh) sky blue

  • gris (grees) grey

  • marrón (mah-rrohn) brown (Argentina)

  • morado (moh-rah-doh) purple

  • negro (neh-groh) black

  • purpuro (poor-poo-roh) purple

  • rojo (roh-Hoh) red

  • rosado (roh-sah-doh) pink

  • verde (bvehr-deh) green

  • violeta (bveeoh-leh-tah) violet, purple

  • claro (klah-roh) light

  • oscuro (ohs-koo-roh) dark