Organizing Any Room in Five Easy Steps - dummies

Organizing Any Room in Five Easy Steps

By Sandra Munson

Part of Organizing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Has the clutter really piled up in your living space? Do you have a room that you are ready to reorganize? Use the following five-step approach to ensure that you cover all the bases when organizing any room.

  1. Determine the goal for the room.

    Before you begin sorting through your clutter, take a few moments to articulate the specific goal for the space. This step helps you define the desired function of the room and stay on track. For example, “I want a living room with enough seating for family and guests and enough storage for our books, games, photo albums, and movie collection.”

  2. Identify the limitations of the room.

    Make sure your goal for the room is realistic and takes into consideration any features of the room that you can’t change, such as its size, layout, dual function, and so on. For example, you may have your sights set on creating a tropical island guest suite, but you still have to account for the fact that the room is also a home office.

  3. Sort the room into four categories:

    • STAY: This item is in good shape, is used frequently, and will definitely stay in the room.

    • MOVE: This item doesn’t support the goal of the room and needs to be moved to the proper room in your house.

    • SHARE: This item is in good shape but hasn’t been used in at least a year, is a duplicate, or is cluttering up your room. Share it with a friend or donate it to charity.

    • GO: This item is trash, plain and simple.

  4. Build and install your projects.

    Which organization projects will help you maximize the function of your space? Build one or more, as determined by your space.

  5. Reassemble your room.

    Return all the items to your room and add the finishing touches.