Daily Chores to Keep Your Chickens Healthy - dummies

Daily Chores to Keep Your Chickens Healthy

By Kimberly Willis, Robert T. Ludlow

Part of Raising Chickens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re raising chickens, whether for eggs or meat, you want your fowl to stay healthy. Healthy chickens need attention and care every day. The following, simple measures, taken daily, help to keep your chickens healthy:

  • Keep water available at all times. This may mean a heat source to keep water from freezing in winter.

  • Provide chickens with a quality feed formulated for their needs. For example, meat birds need a feed with lots of protein and layers need a feed that addresses their need for additional calcium and other minerals. Feeding chickens scraps and odd grains usually leads to nutrient deficiencies.

  • Keep chickens dry and protected from weather extremes. Their quarters should also be well ventilated to prevent lung problems.

  • Give chickens enough space. Crowded conditions lead to stress and injuries from fighting. Each chicken needs a minimum of two square foot of shelter and three square foot of outdoor run area.