Assessing Your Site for Organic Gardening - dummies

Assessing Your Site for Organic Gardening

Part of Organic Gardening For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Before starting your organic garden, take an inventory of your garden’s conditions. Match plants to different sites and choose only those plants that can grow to their full potential where you plan to put them. Here’s what to assess:

  • Hardiness: Average winter low temperatures

  • Obstacles: Locations of buildings, overhead and buried cables, roads and property boundaries

  • Slope: Steep, flat, valley floors

  • Soil: Structure, texture, pH, drainage and moisture

  • Sun and shade: Duration and time of day and year that the sun shines directly on the site

  • Views: Unsightly views to screen; pleasant views to enhance or preserve

  • Wind: Speed and direction at different times of year