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A Dad’s Guide to a Healthy Sex Life during Pregnancy

By Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins

For many women, the libido is back on the ascent during the second trimester, which is a big sigh of relief for any dad who has patiently waited through nausea, exhaustion, discomfort, and a lack of sexual energy for some long-awaited sex. In fact, some women become very sexual during this time because they’re flush with hormones and feeling in touch with their bodies.

Forget what you may have heard — sex during pregnancy is safe as long as your partner is having a normal pregnancy. Her desire to have sex may change by the day because of fluctuating hormones, tiredness, or body aches. She also may struggle with being a sexual being as she transitions into the role of mother.

The most important thing to do is to keep talking about sex. As you get back into the swing of things, be open and honest about what you both need. Explore ways to satisfy each other’s romantic and physical needs, even if your partner isn’t up for sex.

Don’t be surprised if your partner needs to take it slowly in the beginning. Stop at any signs of discomfort. As the baby bump continues to expand, you’ll likely find yourselves exploring new positions that offer support for your partner’s stomach. Many women are most comfortable on their sides or even up on their knees and can use pillows for stomach support.

Spotting and cramping that can last up to 24 hours can occur after sex. If you or your partner has any questions or concerns about either, call her medical practitioner.

If your partner desires oral sex, it’s absolutely safe. Just make sure not to blow air into the vagina because this can cause an embolism, which can be fatal for the baby and the mother-to-be.