What Is Mindful Eating? - dummies

By Dan DeFigio

Mindfulness is the act of being mentally and emotionally present, without judgment, while being aware of and intentional about your state of mind and your behavior. Basically, it means paying attention to what’s happening without judging or reacting, and acting purposefully and intentionally.

Mindful eating requires that you pay attention to the cues your body gives you. It’s easy to become fooled or distracted by external events, unhealthy habits, and unskillful reactions to the hiccups along the road of life.

Eating mindfully means that you make food decisions based on the reality of what’s happening right now, not on stories that you’ve told yourself for years or on the fantasy that shoveling sugar into your mouth will make your problems go away.

As you learn to pay attention to cues from your body, and as you practice making food decisions intentionally instead of reactively, you’ll regain control over your eating style, and the careful attention and purposeful decisions will carry over to other aspects of your life. Mindful behavior of any type is a gateway to a more peaceful and empowered life!