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What the Warrior Diet Is

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The Warrior Diet is a modified fasting regimen where you don’t completely restrict all calories — in liquid form or solid form — during your fast. The restriction focuses on consuming a small amount of food for most of the day and then eating as much as you want for several hours each evening.

The Warrior Diet is based on the premise that ancient people, who were fitter, healthier, and leaner than their modern counterparts, followed a daily regimen that included snacking only on healthful foods during the hours in which they completed most of their physical labor. They then reaped the fruits of that labor with a larger meal, recreation, and rest in the evening hours.

Although the term warrior may denote an overtly masculine character or a person whose job description vastly differs from your own, don’t be mistaken. In reference to the Warrior Diet, warrior signifies a modern warrior, one who has decided that he or she is ready to make a return to instinctual eating, namely undereating and overeating, and tap into the many health benefits inherent in the warrior lifestyle.

Everything in nature is cyclical — from sunrises and sunsets to ocean tides to even human activities, such as sleeping and eating. The Warrior Diet is no exception, and it fits very well in the cycle of nature. Sometimes you eat very little. Sometimes you eat a lot. But at the end of the day (quite literally), it all gets balanced out.

In other words, micro-periods of famine and feast inherently are built into each day.