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The Truth About Eating Later in the Day

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

No doubt that at some time or another you’ve read, heard, and maybe even believed that eating at night makes you fat and that you mustn’t eat anything past a certain hour if you want to finally free yourself from the stubborn fat that clings to your body.

The truth is that if you’re eating healthy, wholesome, natural foods, and you fast or undereat for most of the day, eating at night won’t make you fat and it won’t keep extra weight on your body that refuses to come off.

The human body is meant to eat in the evening. Eating is an activity that the body understands to be part of the rest-and-digest phase of the day and one that should be paired with other restorative and rejuvenating practices, such as relaxing on the couch, going for a quiet stroll, watching TV, and yes, sleeping and engaging in sexual activities.

If you’ve ever tried to go to sleep while hungry, you know it’s nearly impossible because just as eating during the day can trigger feelings of sleepiness, not eating at night can keep you feeling alert and awake. In other words, you can confuse your body’s nervous systems.

Eating during the day can put your body into the rest-and-digest parasympathetic system, and not eating at night can make your body think that it needs to still be in the fight-or-fight sympathetic system.

When you gorge on fattening ice cream, fried foods, potato chips, and other packaged and processed foods, you’ll put on weight, no matter what time of the day you consume them.