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Restock Your Kitchen with Items You Can Eat Around Your Fast

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

Restocking your kitchen with all the best foods is where the real commitment begins. Your ultimate goal when restocking your kitchen is to make sure you’re getting nutrients in the highest amounts. Your body can handle eating small amounts of food beautifully when it’s still getting what it needs in terms of nutrients. The tipping point of getting those nutrients is all about food quality.

The higher the quality of food choices means the more nutrition that food will have. When selecting fasting foods, make sure that all the foods you choose are from real food sources (food that isn’t made in a lab or processed in any way) with a focus on the best quality you can afford. That’s it. You don’t need any special pills or juices to get the best nutrition.

Focus your eating on quality meats, fish, seafood, and eggs; healthy fats and oils; vegetables and fruits; and nuts and seeds. They give your body the raw material it craves to be to be strong, lean, and healthy. All the processed, denatured foods, premade frozen foods, packaged foods, and sugary carbohydrates need to be kicked to the can! They only feed cravings and cause weight gain and disease.

You’ve likely spent a long time developing your eating habits, so breaking them and instituting new ones may take some time. The longer you’ve depended on sugary foods, the more difficult retraining your taste buds to recognize natural sweetness may be. Using healthful foods to fuel your body will go a long way in keeping you super lean and strong — for the long run.

Not having the money to purchase your desired food choices can sometimes be frustrating. Just know: You’re still making monumental strides in getting lean and living long and strong when you take up fasting principles and eat non-inflammatory foods. Just do the best you can and don’t stress out (which is even worse for you than eating a lower quality food!).